The First Order of Business

Before we do anything else, we have to complete a Home Study.  The application fee for this is $350. The Home Study itself is $2500.  We plan to tackle all of the adoption fees one at a time, so we need to raise the funds for the Home Study first.  We have a few things planned, and we have a little bit of money set aside to start us off.

Let me tell you about my friend, Amy.  She has taken on the job of Fundraiser Brainstormer for us, and she’s got mad skills.  In fact, I have a feeling she has untapped talents that I am soon to discover.

She has texted me with at least 10 ideas during this past month, and every one of them has been outstanding! Our first endeavor is to assemble and sell Christmas wreaths, along with my vintage jewelry collection at the Sweet Home SAFE Christmas bazaar on December 2 at Sweet Home High School.  Please come and shop! We are also hoping to put together a fun raffle and announce the winner at the end of the bazaar.

If you haven’t explored our blog thoroughly yet, you may not know that we have signed up with a fundraising program called AdoptTogether.  It is similar to GoFundMe, but is geared specifically toward families who are trying to adopt.  Donations are tax deductible. You can follow the link provided under our “Fundraising” tab, or you can just google AdoptTogether, type in “Ogden” and find our profile there.

My name is Pam Ogden, and I’m a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, blogger, and an author. I am passionate about my faith, family and adoption. My blog is the story of our previous and current adoption, and how our family is growing physically and spiritually.

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