Fundraising Has Begun

The fundraising has begun! Last Saturday we had a booth at a local Christmas bazaar, selling my vintage jewelry collection, and other items generously supplied by friends and family.

Amy came up with the idea of assembling Christmas wreaths to sell, and she even volunteered to make them! I came to help, and found her and her husband busy in her cold garage, Christmas music playing, making wreaths just for us! What kind and generous people!

Amy’s brother-in-law donated handmade wooden toys, and my friend Jen’s husband created a metal art piece specifically for our sale.  My dad gave me two original watercolor paintings and my mom gave me a handmade quilt, so we raffled those items plus a basket with 24 gift wrapped family Christmas books and our one day total sales were almost $1000!

When I counted up the money, I had a moment of overwhelming gratitude and happiness.  Which was quickly replaced by the realization that we have $39,000 more to raise. That’s 39 more Christmas bazaars…

However…yesterday, Jason sent in our application and payment for the home study.  First step done. We are moving forward.

My name is Pam Ogden, and I’m a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, blogger, and an author. I am passionate about my faith, family and adoption. My blog is the story of our previous and current adoption, and how our family is growing physically and spiritually.

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